lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Posibilidades en el Mural

Hola a todos.
He estado preocupado por las altas temperaturas que, muy posiblemente, tengamos en Agosto.
El mural es una de las actividades que más tiempo debería realizarse al aire libre.
Tengo dos opciones para resolver el problema:
- La primera es la de elegir un muro orientado al norte o al noreste, de manera que desde mediodía ya no de el sol, y podamos trabajar en sombra toda la tarde.
- La segunda, podría ser trabajar sobre finos paneles de madera que, unidos, den lugar al mural. Así se podría trabajar en una sala, y luego colocarlos en la pared definitiva.
¿Qué os parece?

Hi all.
I've been concerned about the high temperatures, possibly, we have in August.
The mural is one of the activities that should take more time outdoors.
I have two options to resolve the problem:
- The first is to choose a wall facing north or northeast, so that from midday sun did not bother, and we can work in the shade all afternoon.
- The second would be to work on fine wooden panels which together give rise to the mural. This could work in a room and then placed in the final wall.
What do you think?

7 comentarios:

  1. Hey Felipe!

    I would prefer the first solution since it seems easier to me to have the whole area for the painting in sight...

    But I am not a good painter, so maybe we should collect opinions from specialists ;-)

    1. Hi Stefan.
      Really, I prefer the first one; but, 44ºC is a good reason for thinking alternatives.
      In second option, I am thinking we could have all the wood panels over floor, or fixed in a inner wall.
      But, these are only options. We discuss them after in meetings, and I'll bring all your opinions.
      Thanks for your participation.

    2. Good evening Felipe!

      Oh yes, these high temperatures are for me as a German almost unbelievable ;-)

      It think I'll shop some hat and longsleeves (i.e. winter cloths ...) in order to resist against the Spanish sun in August... ;-)

    3. Hi Stefan.
      I can't imagine see you in August with winter clothes. If that happens, it's possible European Agency puts me in jail for not taking care of the participants :)
      Perhaps like a touareg, .... :)))

    4. Haha!!!

      But yeah, this would be a very funny picture... Maybe the youths should take this as inspiration for the wall painting ;-)

  2. Hi everybody!
    I think the best solution is the first one because young people may be more motivated, moreover they probably can appreciate and enjoy the activity on wall much more than creating a painting on wood panels. I think it is more realistic and exciting, here in Italy isn't easy to have a space for murals, so this could be a fantastic opportunity!

  3. Hola chicos y chicas.

    Aquellos que os habeis apuntado al Mural, debeis de llevar en vuestra maleta una camiseta vieja, que no os de miedo mancharla.

    Ana Marti.
    coordinadora Mural.